Cancellation Of Our 2020 Christmas Eve Service and In-Person Sunday Morning Services until January 28 2021

Hello friends

As you know the Ontario government has taken some proactive measures to address the recent spike in our provinces COVID 19 cases. Specifically, the provincial wide lock down beginning on December 26, 2020.

This lock down will be challenging for many and will impact us all. For our church family it will mean several things.

First, we will be going to an online service beginning on Sunday December 27, 2020. We will attempt to live stream our service on YouTube in January and it will be available on our website as an audio recording.

Second, it is with a heavy heart that we will be cancelling our 2020 Christmas Eve Service. We will not be offering a virtual alternative. Our hearts are desiring an in-person worship time but the leadership felt that to do so would be to violate the spirit and aim of our provincial governments efforts to bring a reduction of COVID cases and promote a safe and healthy community.

I know this is disappointing. It was a hard choice. It is a sacrifice. I pray that this sacrifice would be interpreted as an act of love for our neighbours, support for our medical professionals and other essential workers and will ultimately aid us in entering into worship.

Philippians 2 reminds us that Jesus came, humbling himself to serve, to sacrifice not for His own benefit but for ours. Worship requires our sacrificing our preferences and desires at times. We are laying down our tradition of Christmas Eve service in the hopes that our sacrifice will be received by God as an act of love towards Him and for our community at large.

We are praying that you will have a safe and joyous Christmas and experience the presence of the Lord as you enter 2021!
Peace and Grace
Pastor Frank